Four A/C Power Cords Review in Canada HiFi

Douglas Brown does a review of the complete line of Audio Sensibility power cables for Canada HiFi.

In the article Doug states:

From the $139 CDN Impact SE right up to the flagship $999 CDN Signature V2, Audio Sensibility’s A/C cables easily compete with power cords from other companies that cost 3 to 4 times as much. Their “direct sales” business model means that there’s no middle-man doubling the price; and no retailer doubling (or even tripling) the price again. By eliminating these elements from the retail distribution chain, the prices of Steven Huang’s cables are at least 1/3rd to ¼ of what they would be in boutique retail audio stores. Hence why AS’ power cords deliver so much sound for, relatively speaking, so little money.