Mundorf MA30

Mundorf MA30 SG Loudspeaker Kit

The Mundorf Accuton 30th anniversary (MA30) speaker kit celebrates the 30 year collaboration between two German high-end loudspeaker component giants. Both Mundorf and Accuton started in Cologne Germany over 30 years ago, and their components are commonly found in loudspeakers costing $10K to $500K.

The SilverGold series kit includes a pair of:

  • Mundorf AMT19CM1.1 • Pneumatic Air Motion Tweeter
  • ACCUTON C158-8-085 • Ceramic Mid-/Woofer
  • Preassembled MA30 SilverGold crossover
  • All parts are made in Germany

An earlier (discontinued) version of the kit was made available which included lower-end Mundorf film capacitors. The current and earlier kits are identified and MA30SG and MA30 respectively.

Optional components include:

  • Mounting plate and binding posts
  • Wiring harness
  • High Gloss Finished Bookshelf Cabinets

The assembled MA30 loudspeaker has received a number of glowing reviews:

See the Audio Sensibility MA30SG loudspeaker for a state-of-the-art implementation of the Mundorf MA30SG kit