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 1 reviews
 by Itay C, Israel on Audio Sensibility
Straight out of the box the cable is amazing

Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPSDRSX)

Got the cable today .
Straight out of the box it is amazing.
I will post my good words on the cable in my virtual system section in Audiogon.

 by Stephane G on Impact Power Distribution
Impact Power Distribution Box

Product: Impact SE Power Distribution (SKU AS_IPDSE6)

Thanks for your tip about the powerbox and Furutech receptacles. Image is now great and the sound so much better than my hubble box and duplex

 by Veljko V, Toronto, Canada on Statement Interconnects - Copper
Statement SE OCC Copper

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)
Your Statement SE OCC Copper is the best value on the market in my humble opinion. They easily sound better than any other cable I had in my system.

Signature Ethernet Cable
Products: Signature Ethernet Cable
Associated Equipment: LHY SW8, Lumin mini 2

Product: Signature Ethernet Cable (SKU AS_XEC)
It is an instant improvement on transparency and organic. It is well worth the money spent.

 by Peter Craig on Impact Headphone Cables
Smooth and detailed, beat the competition
Products: Impact SE OCC Copper 4pin balanced
Associated Equipment: Audio-gd HE9 & Hifiman HE6se

Product: Impact SE Headphone Cable - HiFiMAN (SKU AS_IHPSE-HFMAN)

The Hifiman stock cables are copper and silver stranded and are pretty decent. I mostly use a HE1000 stock cable. With the Audio Sensibility OCC Copper the HE6se sound takes on a new fuller character with minimal loss of details. After trying a variety of name brand cables this AS cable is my favorite choice. With the Arya the HE1000 cable works best and will try the Audio Sensibility silver cable for that soon. Excellent build quality and I appreciate the smooth jacket.

 by Michael G, California, United States on Statement Phono Cables
Your phono cable brings great joy to my turntable

Product: Statement Silver Straight DIN Phono Cable V3 (SKU AS_SPSDR3)

I replaced the Cardas Clear Phono cable on my Linn Sondek (Kore, Circus, Ekos I, Krystal cartridge) with your Statement Silver cable. I have never enjoyed this turntable more, and I’ve owned it for 35 years (OK, it’s been upgraded a couple of times, but still ….)
The Cardas was a definite upgrade from the T Kable that a Linn dealer installed in 2015. But the Statement Silver opened up the soundstage side-to-side AND front-to-back, giving significantly more air and ease to the voices in the recordings. The Cardas warmth was removed, allowing a more natural tone to everything. If I’d been told that this much improvement could only be obtained by replacing the entire turntable, I’d have believed it. This cable stands as one of the most significant and simple upgrades I’ve experienced over the decades. Now, maybe it’s the synergy with the cartridge, phono stage, etc etc etc. I can’t be sure of such variables, but I AM sure that I’m listening to this turntable with greater joy than ever!

 by Scott T, Colorado, United States on Statement Phono Cables
Amazing cable!
Associated Equipment: This is being used on a VPI Scout (original) with Benz Micro Wood L2 and Graham Slee Elevator EXP into a Graham Slee Reflex M.

Product: Statement Silver RCA to RCA Phono Cables V3 (SKU AS_SPRR3)

Cable is amazing and perfect in my system. Thanks!!

 by Mauricio L, Mexico on Impact Phono Cables
Your cables are wonders in my audio system

Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPSDRSX)

I’ve been enjoying your cables immensely! They are true wonders in my audio system.

 by Allen K, Washington, United States on Impact Headphone Cables
Thank you for making this cable

Product: Impact SE Headphone Cable - Audeze (SKU AS_IHPSE-mXLR4D)

I wanted to say thank you so much for making this cable. It looks and sounds great, and the fit and finish is wonderful.

 by Joel L, Ontario, Canada on Impact Phono Cables
Impact SX Phono Cable sounds awesome

Product: Impact SX RCA to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPRRSX)

The impact sx phono cable sounds awesome with my turntable.

 by Jim S, Pennsylvania, United States on Statement Power Cables
The Statement Power Cable is fantastic

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

The Statement is fantastic. I can't believe how much it improved my entire system. Sonic signature is exactly as you described. It's in my amp and I love how it lowered the noise floor.

 by John S, North Carolina, United States on Impact Phono Cables
Super impressed with the Impact Phono Cable

Product: Impact SX RCA to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPRRSX)

super impressed with this phono lead! and this is your entry-level offering? damn.

 by Antoine R, Quebec, Canada on Statement Interconnects - Copper
You are a master!

Product: Statement SE XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_SXLRSEC)

You are a Master… Excellent cables

 by Tom R, United States on Signature Digital Cables
What a huge difference!

Product: Signature Silver DC Cable (SKU AS_XDCLX1)

It’s either this cable that makes it, the system down/upstream, or the combination thereof. What a huge difference to the aural pleasure as to what I hear/experience!

 by Andrew K, Ontario, Canada on Signature Interconnects
The XLR Cables are astonishing

Product: Signature Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_XXLR)

Hi, so the XLR cables...after the first 30 seconds of music...the change in sound was should I put it... astonishing. Everything improved, but most apparent was a change in dynamics...the sound became more "live" and engaging. It pulled you in more. More air around the instruments, better attack on transients, and both a more extended high end and low end. Not sure I believe it yet myself, but these are my first instinct kind of impressions. Maybe it's just a good music night and this could be confirmation bias to a certain degree. But in any case, congratulations on these XLR cables.

Testament Power Distribution box is amazing

Product: Testament SE Power Distribution (4-plex) (SKU AS_TPDSE4)

The Testament power distribution box sounds simply amazing! It’s like I replaced the amp! I was surprised since I’ve never had a piece like that before. I went ahead and ordered a Furutech outlet so will see if there is further improvement

 by Mauricio L on Impact Phono Cables
I am very impressed with the Impact SX Phono cable

Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (AS_IPSDRSX)

The burnt in SX Phono cable arrived yesterday and I have to tell you that I am very impressed! It replaced a 26 ga DIY Duelund that ran from a Jelco SA 750L arm to an A23 SUT. Incredible upgrade!! I will be ordering Impact RCA interconnects to put between the SUT and the Leben Phono Amp to have an all round AS cabling from my phono source!

Very happy with your cables

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)
Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPSDRSX)

I am Very Happy with your cables. I bought one older cable used on the internet and liked it so much I bought a couple more direct from you. They will remain in my system for quite a while.

 by Andre G, Quebec, Canada on Statement Digital Cables
Statement Silver USB Cable immerses me In the music

Product: Statement Silver USB Cable (Type A-B) (SKU AS_SUSB)

I replaced my Nordost Blue Heaven cable (1.5M @ +/- $400) with your Statement Silver USB cable (1.2M @ +/- $300 )with a new low end $280 headphone amplifier ( iFi Air Zen Dac V2) to my computer…. !!! For your information, I use Focal Elear headphones whose original cable is replaced by an Audio Sensibility cable.
I had no doubts that your Statement Silver USB cable is far superior, even though it's about 25% cheaper than a Blue Heaven from Nordost, but I found it a bit reckless to expect to have a significant difference for a DAC/headphone amplifier under $300. As a consumer, you have to have some nerve and a good knowledge of your products to make this choice to connect such a low-end device….
The result: WoW!
If the Blue Heaven delivers a clean sound, a sound stage and right timbres, this cable offers a performance that is very much below a Statement Silver cable. Even with the Air Zen Dac V2 (which is a very decent device for its price) which is far from being a top level headphone amplifier...
With your Statement Silver USB cable, you are no longer in the simple mode of sound reproduction of the Blue Heaven which in fact only delivers a good melodic sound. With the Statement silver we are immersed in the musical scene by now feeling the intention and all the accuracy of the interpretation of the musicians. The sound is rich and lively: we now hear the attack of the note, its harmonic sounds and the reverberation as if we were in the theater. This cable must be “fast” to achieve that everything is so alive and in a vibrant but well defined and differentiated musical space. And this, even with a low-end device! I can now understand how the choice of a cable is as crucial as the choice of its audio equipment.
I had fun quickly comparing this Statement silver cable with the Air Zen DAC V2 with a Signature Silver cable that I use on my sound system. I was surprised to easily hear a difference between these two cables, even when using a simple $280 headphone amplifier/DAC! Although the Signature silver still adds richness, subtlety and greater listening pleasure. But my wallet tells me that the Statement silver is still the best choice for this little device.
I always thought I wasn't the kind of guy who liked to put on headphones, except to help out on vacation. But all that changes now with the use of a Statement silver cable with this little DAC. The pleasure is finally there with headphones and this will surely lead me one day to equip myself with a really good headphone amplifier, a new headphone... not to mention superior cabling at Audio Sensibility!

 by Tom C. on Impact Power Distribution
Impact Power Distribution provides an immediate improvement

Product: Impact SE Power Distribution (SKU AS_IPDSE6)

I am very very pleased with the box. I mean there was an immediate improvement. The moment I sat down to listen for some reason the soundstage expanded. I mean I looked up to see what was happening. All I did was unplug preamp and table from PPP and plugged into your equipment. I did not expect that at all.
Now I am thinking of getting another one for my amps.

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