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 by Mauricio L on Impact Phono Cables
I am very impressed with the Impact SX Phono cable

Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (AS_IPSDRSX)

The burnt in SX Phono cable arrived yesterday and I have to tell you that I am very impressed! It replaced a 26 ga DIY Duelund that ran from a Jelco SA 750L arm to an A23 SUT. Incredible upgrade!! I will be ordering Impact RCA interconnects to put between the SUT and the Leben Phono Amp to have an all round AS cabling from my phono source!

Very happy with your cables

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)
Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPSDRSX)

I am Very Happy with your cables. I bought one older cable used on the internet and liked it so much I bought a couple more direct from you. They will remain in my system for quite a while.

 by Andre G, Quebec, Canada on Statement Digital Cables
Statement Silver USB Cable immerses me In the music

Product: Statement Silver USB Cable (Type A-B) (SKU AS_SUSB)

I replaced my Nordost Blue Heaven cable (1.5M @ +/- $400) with your Statement Silver USB cable (1.2M @ +/- $300 )with a new low end $280 headphone amplifier ( iFi Air Zen Dac V2) to my computer…. !!! For your information, I use Focal Elear headphones whose original cable is replaced by an Audio Sensibility cable.
I had no doubts that your Statement Silver USB cable is far superior, even though it's about 25% cheaper than a Blue Heaven from Nordost, but I found it a bit reckless to expect to have a significant difference for a DAC/headphone amplifier under $300. As a consumer, you have to have some nerve and a good knowledge of your products to make this choice to connect such a low-end device….
The result: WoW!
If the Blue Heaven delivers a clean sound, a sound stage and right timbres, this cable offers a performance that is very much below a Statement Silver cable. Even with the Air Zen Dac V2 (which is a very decent device for its price) which is far from being a top level headphone amplifier...
With your Statement Silver USB cable, you are no longer in the simple mode of sound reproduction of the Blue Heaven which in fact only delivers a good melodic sound. With the Statement silver we are immersed in the musical scene by now feeling the intention and all the accuracy of the interpretation of the musicians. The sound is rich and lively: we now hear the attack of the note, its harmonic sounds and the reverberation as if we were in the theater. This cable must be “fast” to achieve that everything is so alive and in a vibrant but well defined and differentiated musical space. And this, even with a low-end device! I can now understand how the choice of a cable is as crucial as the choice of its audio equipment.
I had fun quickly comparing this Statement silver cable with the Air Zen DAC V2 with a Signature Silver cable that I use on my sound system. I was surprised to easily hear a difference between these two cables, even when using a simple $280 headphone amplifier/DAC! Although the Signature silver still adds richness, subtlety and greater listening pleasure. But my wallet tells me that the Statement silver is still the best choice for this little device.
I always thought I wasn't the kind of guy who liked to put on headphones, except to help out on vacation. But all that changes now with the use of a Statement silver cable with this little DAC. The pleasure is finally there with headphones and this will surely lead me one day to equip myself with a really good headphone amplifier, a new headphone... not to mention superior cabling at Audio Sensibility!

 by Tom C. on Impact Power Distribution
Impact Power Distribution provides an immediate improvement

Product: Impact SE Power Distribution (SKU AS_IPDSE6)

I am very very pleased with the box. I mean there was an immediate improvement. The moment I sat down to listen for some reason the soundstage expanded. I mean I looked up to see what was happening. All I did was unplug preamp and table from PPP and plugged into your equipment. I did not expect that at all.
Now I am thinking of getting another one for my amps.

 by Brian H, Florida, United States on Signature Digital Cables
The Signature USB is the best USB cable

Product: Signature Silver USB Cable (Type A-B)

The Signature USB has been best USB cable I’ve used, better than Curious or Inakustik.

 by Paul O, Ontario, Canada on Statement Digital Cables
The Statement Silver cable delivers so much detail

Product: Signature Silver USB Cable (Type A-B)

I received the custom made Statement Silver NAIM DIN to RCA cable yesterday afternoon. What a huge improvement over the Impact copper cable. I installed it between the Gold Note phono stage and the Naim 82 preamp. The amount of detail and sound stage gained was instantly apparent. Instruments and vocals are so much more detailed and smooth. It is getting even better as the cable burns in.
Thank you for your great service as always.

 by Roger K, Pennsylvania, United States on Signature Power Cables
The Signature Power Cable is outstanding right out of the box

Product: Signature Power Cable V2 (SKU AS_XPC2)

I have my new signature PC v2 playing 24 hrs a day. It is outstanding in every way right out of the box! I am ordering another for my preamp this week.
Also a fan of the Schroeder method. Gonna order Schroeder Impact SE splitters to start for my current cables with an eventual upgrade to a double run of your signature silvers.

 by Gary M, Ontario, Canada on Statement Headphone Cables
Another home run

Product: Statement Silver Headphone Cable - Audeze (SKU AS_SHP-mXLR4D)

Thanks for the really quick turnaround, the cables came this morning. Again another home run, now my headphone rig sounds as good as the rest of my system.

 by Gregory M, BC, Canada on Testament Power Cables
The Testament Power Cable is great

Product: Testament Slim IEC Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCSLIM)

The Testament Slim IEC you suggested for my AV projector worked out great. I perceived some added clarity, colour and image depth, especially on restored vintage to BluRay movies.

 by Tom Englefield on Signature Phono Cables
What the &@%* Happened?
Associated Equipment: Luxman L507z, VPI Prime, Clearaudio Maestro v2 mm, Totem Tribe Towers
Other Notes: Siltech Anniversary Speaker Cables

Product: Signature Silver RCA to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_XPRR)

One week in and approx 30 hours on this new phono cable.
I live in North Bay Ontario and don’t have the luxury of a local audio store to borrow and try out cables, so I read a lot and try to invest in my best “educated” guess. It’s difficult to remember sound when travelling out of town once in a while to take a listen to something so I don’t waste my time. I know for experience that cables do make a difference for better or worse.
I went for the Statement Silver Phono 0.7m based on the premise of spending the most you can comfortably afford.
I can say so far that I am extremely happy and date I say genuinely excited with this purchase.
I thought my system sounded good but was always looking for that realism of vocals and instruments that just wasn’t quite there.
Over the first thirty hours I have witnessed this cable grow from ok, to where’s the mids, to that sounds a little “muddy”, to what is happening to my room. Each revelation has solved itself in a very positive way to a sound I thought I could only chase. I realize 30 hours on this cable is quite a ways off from full potential and that excites me even more.
I had a very good soundstage before, but my speakers are strangely being removed from the room and allowing the music to be much more involving. I don’t pretend to know all the review lingo, but I do know when I’m happy.
I’m Happy!

 by Gary M, Ontario, Canada on Signature Interconnects
Audio Sensibility cables produce amazing sound stage

Product: Signature Silver RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_XRCA)

I’m definitely noticing a house sound. Each cable of yours I put in replaces a cable that is more expensive. I much prefer yours. Don’t get me wrong the audioquest are good and they would still be there if not for audio sensibility. I really like idea of supporting a local guy also.
The other cables are rich full bodied but seem kind of flat compared to yours. Listening to music with your cables in the system, it’s like the walls are no longer there or at the very least moved way out.
I will be ordering one more and then I’ll be finished. The next one I buy will be replacing a cable which is three times the price.
The sound stage produced with your cables is amazing. I suppose you can tell you have a very happy customer.

 by Feroz P, Oman on Signature DC Cables
DC Cable sound quality is amazing

Product: Signature Silver SOtM DC Cable (SKU AS_XDCS)

I received dc cable today and connected i am very much impressed sound quality is amazing

 by Bill G, Ontario, Canada on Statement Speaker Cables
The Statement speaker cables work wonders

Product: Statement Single-Wire Speaker Cables (AS_SSW)

I have had a few short listening sessions and the new Statement speaker cables are working wonders. I am finally getting some oomph and more bass from those Maggies. The sound is very liquid and open, and it should only get better. Thanks!

 by Duane W, Alberta, Canada on Testament Power Cables
The Testament SE is an excellent power cable

Product: Testament SE Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCSE)

Received the Testament SE before the weekend which is always fantastic. Affords me the opportunity to commit lots of time to sit and enjoy my stereo and A/B test any new equipment additions.
Here are my observations; Cable is quite good right out of the box. It certainly has a similar sound to the Impact SE, albeit with a slightly cleaner, slightly more detailed sound. Good separation. Voices are nice and clear. Staging in both width and height is perfect for my room. Did notice that the bass response is slightly less than that from the power cord installed prior to the Testament SE. Will see if that change any over time, or my ears become accustomed to it. Hoping the cable will extract a bit more bass.
Quite happy to have that familiar sound similar to the Impact SE back in my system, but with the added elements I’m hearing from the Testament SE. An excellent cable in my system! Not to mention it matches the Testament I’m running to the turntable power supply.

 by Val S, Florida, United States on Signature DC Cables
Awesome cable

Product: Signature Silver SOtM DC Cable (SKU AS_XDCS)

Thank you for that great Signature silver DC cable . It is awesome !

 by Kevin P, New York, United States on Impact Digital Cables
The Impact USB Cable sounds good

Product: Impact SE USB Cable (Type A-B) (SKU AS_IUSBSEAB)

Just received cable. Sounds good ! Big improvement in bass and all other areas !

 by Ed P, Michigan, United States on Impact Power Distribution
I am blown away by the Impact Power Distribution

Product: Impact SE Power Distribution (SKU AS_IPDSE6)

I just received your Impact power distribution unit and I am absolutely blown away. I was using a Panamax power conditioner and it was absolutely sucking the life out of my stereo. With this unit in place, things opened right up, sound smoother and just overall more musical. Excellent job and excellent value!

 by Grayson C, California, United States on Statement Interconnects - Copper
Statement Interconnect sounds fantastic

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)

New cable sounds fantastic and not even broken in yet! Thank you.

 by Mirko V, Germany on Signature Interconnects
The Signature silver XLR interconnnect cable is perfect

Product: Signature Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_XXLR)

the cable is just perfect! Love it! Easily outperforming the 3x as expensive HMS XLR cable i was using before. Good Job!

 by John W, California, United States on Signature Interconnects
The Signature Silver Interconnects are wonderful

Product: Signature Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_XXLR)
Product: Statement Spade-Banana (Universal) Jumpers (SKU AS_SJSB)

Steve, you were right about not returning the Signature XLR silver cable. As much as I like the sound of the copper Statement SE cable, the Signature is absolutely wonderful. When you add that to Dirac room correction, you are in another dimension, bringing out so much unheard of joy and revelation.
I also cannot say enough about how much your jumper cables, replacing the original brass jumper plates, have transformed my Tannoy Revolution XT 8 speakers, driven by a McIntosh 275-5 tube amp.

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