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Jelco tonearm models provide the best performance of tonearms up to $4000, and outperform more expensive tonearms from Clearaudio, Origin Live, Pro-Ject, Rega, Roksan, etc.

Jelco tonearm

Jelco tonearm models are made by the Ichikawa Jewel Company, which was established in 1920, as a manufacturer of the high-end audio plugs, as well as audio accessories. Their Japanese engineering is second to none (think Lexus). Jelco makes their own jewelled bearings and other parts in house and are in complete control of quality.

We are the top selling Jelco tonearm dealer in Canada

We are passionate about analog playback and have much extensive experience with Jelco tonearms.

We offer special pricing for tonearm packages including.

  • DIN based phono cables. We recommend the Audio Sensibility Impact Phono Cables which provide excellent performance at an affordable price.
  • Heavy Counter Weight necessary for certain moving coil phono cartridges.
  • Extra headshell.

Jelco Tonearm History

Jelco makes tonearms for many of the big name companies in analog audio, both current and past. They made the famous Sumiko MMT tonearm and we believe the Linn Ittock II tonearm as well. Here are some of the companies who have marketed Jelco tonearms under their own names: Koetsu, Sumiko, Audioquest, Linn, Oracle, Ortofon, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission, and Graham.

A Word of Caution

Make sure that you are getting a genuine Jelco SA-750 and not the much older and incompatible SA-370 or OEM tonearm equivalents such as the LAD. The SA-370 is NOT ‘virtually identical’ to the SA-750.

The SA-370 and older OEM tonearms:

  • use the much cheaper HS-50 headshell which is missing the azimuth adjustment and made of inferior material.
  • has a non-standard mounting base which is not the same as the SA-750. This means that you will not be able to take advantage of Jelco armboards offered by turntable manufacturers
  • may be missing the correct mounting bolts for the base
  • does not have the upgraded bearing mechanism of the SA-750
  • cannot be used with heavy cartridges which could benefit from the SA-750 heavy counterweight option
  • does not come with the complete retail packaging as well as manual, template, and alignment ruler
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