We use our own 303 Stainless Steel (SS) connector bodies in order to optimize the cable-connector interface.

  • SS has excellent mechanical vibration control characteristics. Minimizing cable vibration reduces microphonic effects which add noise to the audio signal.
  • SS has excellent electrical shielding properties. Minimizing EMI/RFI noise pickup ensures improves the fidelity of the original audio signal.
  • We design our connectors to custom fit our cables. Our connector bodies have an over-sized Inner Diameter (ID) to accommodate the complete cable housing. Our competitors often try to squeeze their cables into standard connector bodies by stripping cable insulation and/or eliminating the protective polyester sleeving and heat shrink layers.

Our AC connector shell uses a unique collet mechanism to ensure that clamping pressure is evenly distributed 360 degrees around the cable. The AC connector shell in conventional power cables uses a traditional bar clamping mechanism where two screws are tightened which squishes the cable as pressure is increased.

Our XLR connector shell uses three external set screws and our RCA connector shell uses two external set screws for added cable strain relief.

[thethe-image-slider name=”LJT”] Our stainless steel connectors are manufactured by LJT Manufacturing, located in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. LJT does complex aerospace CNC manufacturing using Hardinge Quest Multi Axis X,Y,Z,C,E Mill Turn Live Tool Machining Centers. The company has ISO9001:2000 quality control certification.

Manufacture of Stainless Steel RCA shells used in Audio Sensibility cables.

Manufacture of Stainless Steel XLR shells used in Audio Sensibility cables.

[thethe-image-slider name=”TTW”] TTW Audio is a subsidiary of LJT Manufacturing, and makes high-end Servo Rim Drive Turntables and Analog Accessories.