Phono Cables (OCC copper + OCC silver)

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The output signal from a moving magnet or moving phono cartridge on a turntable is the most delicate signal that your audio system must deal with. Therefore cable performance is critical to maximizing the turntable performance.

Our phono cables are used on many of the finest turntable brands, including VPI.
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Audio Sensibility offers a wide variety of phono cables using Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) copper and OCC silver.

  • RCA to RCA phono cables
  • Straight DIN phono cables
  • Angle DIN phono cables
  • Balanced XLR phono cables
  • Gold Note/Bryston 4pin Straight or Angle DIN phono cables

We support all Angle DIN orientations

  1. Standard DIN
  2. SME DIN
  3. Jelco DIN
  4. Other