TAVES Toronto 2014 – Show Report

The Toronto Audio Video Entertainment Show (TAVES) 2014 show was an incredible success! Here is some coverage of the show.

We had an excellent location again this year! All of our cable products were on display. We also brought over 1500 vinyl LPs (jazz, rock, and classical) courtesy of our friends, The Record Guys.

Our products were used at the show by a number of other exhibitors:

  • ANK Audio Kits
  • Audio by Mark Jones
  • Woo Audio
ANK Audio Kits (click on picture for more information)
We are great fans of Brian Smith’s high-end DIY audio kits. For the second consecutive year we supplied all of the cabling for the ANK demonstration systems.
Audio by Mark Jones (click on picture for more information)
Mark Jones put together a true reference system with a Kronos turntable, Tenor Audio electronics, and a set of Tannoy Prestige Canterbury loudspeakers. Our Statement SE Power Distribution box was providing clean power for this reference system.In a second room Mark was demonstrating the Audeze headphones powered by a Bryston headphone amplifier with the help of our Impact SE Audeze headphone cable.
Woo Audio (click on picture for more information)
Jack Wu builds some of the world’s best headphone amplifiers. He is a faithful supporter of both the Toronto and Montreal audio shows. At the last two shows We have supplied him with a number of headphone cables. This year he borrowed two Impact SE power cables and two Testament power cables for his amplifiers.

Audio Sensibility also received some great coverage by in audio press:

  • 6moons
  • Enjoy The Music
  • TONEAudio
  • Stereophile
  • Magazine Audio (French)

And also some exposure from television.

  • City TV
6moons (click on picture for more information)
Tim Smith is a busy man contributing to both 6moons and Wall of Sound publications. Tim is familiar with Audio Sensibility, having reviewed the Impact SE HiFiMan headphone cable.
Enjoy The Music (click on the pictures to the above and below for more information).
Audio Sensibility uses the highest quality audio and power connectors in its products. The majority of the connectors are manufactured by Furutech. In addition to using the Furutech connectors in our own products, we sell to the DIY hobbyist market as well.Rick Becker of Enjoy The Music dropped by our exhibit on Friday and Sunday of the show and mentioned us twice in his show report.
TONEAudio (click on the picture for more information).
Ricky Mak covered the TAVES show for Tone Audio magazine. Ricky is TONEAudio’s vinyl/analog columnist and he is one of the most knowledgeable people (on the planet) for vinyl playback systems.
Stereophile (click on picture for more information)
We mentioned previously that we brought a huge selection of vinyl! And Stereophile magazine has provided the evidence in their show blog..
Magazine Audio (click on picture for more information)
Parlez-vous francais? Marc Philip of Magazine Audio  (based in Quebec) visited our exhibit several times over the weekend.He is anxiously waiting for delivery of our Statement SE Power Distribution as well as our upcoming Signature USB cable. Hopefully more news to report on Marc’s impression of the products in early 2015.
CityTV (click on picture to watch video)
A customer sent us an e-mail indicating that we were on TV! The president of TAVES talks for 15 seconds near the beginning and the end of the video clip. You can see our exhibit area in the background.