U.S. Customers Save Even More!

The Canadian dollar is trading at 10 year lows compared to the US dollar. The current Canadian dollar value is fluctuating between $US0.74 and $US0.77. This translates into incredible savings for our US customers!

As a rough guideline you can take approximately 1/3 off the price listed on the web site in Canadian dollars to come up with the approximate US dollar sale price.

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Social Media Announcement

Audio Sensibility has just launched its social media campaign.

You can check us out on our Facebook Page. For Facebook addicts, you can even purchase our cable products from our Facebook online store without leaving the site. Feel free to Like Us and pass the word on to your friends.

We have also established a Twitter Feed. We will publicize important product announcements via Twitter. For those who are interested in our Cryogenic Treatment Services, simply subscribe to us on Twitter and you will be automatically notified whenever a cryogenic treatment shipment is being planned.

We continue to post our Videos on YouTube. A complete list of videos can be found on our YouTube Page.