Harmonic Technology AC-10 Power Cable


Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 Power Cable is a 10AWG 6N (99.9997%) Single Crystal copper power cable produced using the Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC) process. The Single Crystal molecular structure insures that power flow is free of any electrical disturbance, including collision with crystalline barriers and impurities.

Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 Power Cable

The cable provides exceptional power delivery for the most demanding audio components including high power monoblock amplifiers and the biggest power conditioners. It is also provides a very refined sound suitable for source components such as preamplifiers and CD players.

Audio Sensibility is excited to offer the Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 power cable at an incredible price. This is the current production Fantasy III version of the cable.

Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 Power Cable Reviews

Here is a sample of professional reviews of the Harmonic Technology Fantasy AC-10 power cable.

Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback
“The Fantasy AC-10 Power Cord is Harmonic Technology’s best 100% copper AC power cord to date. With new Furutech plugs and priced right, this is the best under $1000 power cord I’ve heard so far. With extended and even frequency response, lots of shielding, and imaging to die for, this is one great power cord to own.”

Greg Weaver, The Stereo Times
“The Fantasy AC 10 offers a notable and broadband degree of sonic improvement to any product it feeds, excelling at truth of timber, focus and detail, dynamic shadings and spatial reconstruction capabilities, sounding overall a great deal like the more expensive and superb Magic Power Cable.”

Greg Kong, SoundStage!
“I can say that on its own merits, the Fantasy AC-10 is an excellent-sounding power cord with superb bottom-end slam and extension and an excitingly open, unrestricted midrange. And consistent with all previous products I’ve used from Harmonic Technology, the quality of construction and choice of materials are both solidly high end. This one’s worth checking out!”