Signature Power Cable Upgrade

We introduced the Signature V2 Power Cable at the Montreal Audio Show earlier this year. We have received excellent feedback from many customers who have had a chance to compare the new power cable to the original.

The Signature V2 power cable adds new design features to improve the efficiency of quantum purification filtering by 30% compared to V1, requiring a larger filter compartment.

We have recently introduced a procedure which allows owners of the original Signature power cable to upgrade to V2 performance level. This procedure involves a complete rebuild of the original Signature power cable including the addition of the larger CNC machined filter compartment. Because the existing power cable is used, burn-in time for the upgraded cable is fairly short as compared to a new V2 unit!

Cost of the upgrade is $300.00 plus return shipping and applicable taxes. The upgrade procedure is very time intensive (2-3) hours of labour and our cost of the new components is $100.00.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.