OCC Copper Headphone Cables

OCC Copper Headphone Cables
Audio Sensibility has just introduced a new lineup of OCC copper headphone cables.

The Impact SE headphone cable is essential to get the maximum performance from your headphones which are equipped with a detachable cable.

We have developed our own Teflon-insulated, Kevlar re-inforced 7N OCC copper Impact SE headphone cable. It has the additional benefit of being cryogenically treated and terminated with Mundorf Supreme (9.5% silver) solder.

OCC Copper Headphone Cables For The Following Brands

We have headphone cables available for the following headphone brands:

  • Sennheiser HD800
  • Sennheiser HD600 (HD25, HD265, HD445, HD525, HD535, HD545, HD565, HD580, HD600, HD650)
  • Audeze
  • HiFiMAN
  • 3 pin mini-XLR (AKG, ADL)
  • 3.5mm

Headphone Amplifier Connections

We support a wide variety of headphone amplifier connections:

  • 1/4″ TRS
  • 3.5mm TRS straight and angle plug
  • 4 pin male XLR (balanced)
  • Dual 3 pin male XLR (balanced)
  • 4 pin male mini-XLR (balanced)
  • RS/ALO Connector (balanced)

Where available, we use the very best Furutech headphone connectors.

Standard length of the headphhone cable is 1.5m/5ft, with 3.0m/10ft and 4.5m/15ft also available