Live at the Toby Jug

Whether your musical tastes are classical, jazz, rock, blues, or (other genre) it is the excitement of the live performance which we try to capture in our audio systems.


Klutch is an up and coming rock band based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) which is getting lots of attention. The group plays a wide variety of music ranging from classic rock to the blues.

Klutch consists of:

  • Mike Ferraro – Singer
  • Robert  DiBartolomeo – Lead Guitar (Fender Strat)
  • Sebastian Cavicchia – Drums (Yamaha)
  • Anthony Molinelli – Bass (Fender Jazz Bass – Getty Lee signature)

Audio Sensibility supplies the band with high performance pro-audio cables. The power and speaker cables in the picture above are powering Anthony’s rig.


  • Impact Special Edition power cables.
  • Testament speaker cable, available with Neutrik 1/4″ jacks and Neutrik SpeakON connectors.
  • Impact Instrument patch cables, available with Neutrik straight/angled 1/4″jacks

Anthony couldn’t believe the difference the Audio Sensibility cables made. “I can better feel the pluck of the strings and decay of the notes. The attack of the Bass is much improved.”. Once he had the loaner cables in his system, he refused to take them out.