I have a Rega 301 on a Linn LP12 and would like to know if a swap to a Jelco SA-750D tonearm is easy.

You need to determine what the pivot to spindle distance is on your actual tonearm.   Here is the pivot to spindle distance for the various tonearms: – Linn tonearms are 211mm – Jelco 750D is 214mm – Rega RB301 is 222mm

Tonearm hole size: – Linn tonearms are 30mm – Jelco 750D is 30mm – Rega RB301 is 252mm

It is possible that Rega tonearm is mounted using an incorrect pivot to spindle distance, especially if it is mounted in the standard Linn hole.

The small difference in length between Linn and Jelco tonearms can be eliminated by making a slight (+1mm or -3mm) adjustment of the cartridge position in the headshell.

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