Testament Power Distribution

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Testament Power Distribution
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 3 reviews
 by Ann C
Testament Power Distribution box is amazing

Product: Testament SE Power Distribution (4-plex) (SKU AS_TPDSE4)

The Testament power distribution box sounds simply amazing! It’s like I replaced the amp! I was surprised since I’ve never had a piece like that before. I went ahead and ordered a Furutech outlet so will see if there is further improvement

 by Sheldon H, Ontario, Canada
Your Testament Power Distribution added clarity to my system

Product: Testament SE Power Distribution (4-plex) (SKU AS_TPDSE4)

I took time to do some listening yesterday before adding the Testament to my system and I'm convinced it's added clarity! Great stuff and I look forward to doing some further power and cable upgrades!

 by Chris B, Maryland, USA
Power Distribution left me pleasantly surprised!

Product: Testament SE Power Distribution (4-plex) (SKU AS_TPDSE4)
I must say i was pleasantly surprised by the improvement afforded by upgrading my "power strip" - the soundstage seems larger with instruments & vocals much easier to locate. I was really not expecting too much - who knew!
Thanks for a great product at a very modest cost! I am also happy to support a Canadian business
Equipment: I have a Quad CD-S running through a Musical Fidelity X-10 V3 Tube Buffer + Musical Fidelity X-PSU V3 Power Supply, Musical Fidelity X1 A Integrated Amplifier & Zu Omen loudspeakers. Power cables are Zu Birth, Interconnects are Van den Hul The Name & Speaker cables are Zu Julian.