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Testament Power Cables
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 9 reviews
 by Gregory M, BC, Canada
The Testament Power Cable is great

Product: Testament Slim IEC Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCSLIM)

The Testament Slim IEC you suggested for my AV projector worked out great. I perceived some added clarity, colour and image depth, especially on restored vintage to BluRay movies.

 by Duane W, Alberta, Canada
The Testament SE is an excellent power cable

Product: Testament SE Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCSE)

Received the Testament SE before the weekend which is always fantastic. Affords me the opportunity to commit lots of time to sit and enjoy my stereo and A/B test any new equipment additions.
Here are my observations; Cable is quite good right out of the box. It certainly has a similar sound to the Impact SE, albeit with a slightly cleaner, slightly more detailed sound. Good separation. Voices are nice and clear. Staging in both width and height is perfect for my room. Did notice that the bass response is slightly less than that from the power cord installed prior to the Testament SE. Will see if that change any over time, or my ears become accustomed to it. Hoping the cable will extract a bit more bass.
Quite happy to have that familiar sound similar to the Impact SE back in my system, but with the added elements I’m hearing from the Testament SE. An excellent cable in my system! Not to mention it matches the Testament I’m running to the turntable power supply.

 by Kelly R, Alberta, Canada
A fullness and life

Product: Testament Power Cable (SKU AS_TPC)

Hi,an update on the Testement power cables.I have been using 2 of them on my Bryston BDP1 and BDA1 and 2 10 awg on my pre and power amp.The sound was disappointing to say the least.Bass was weak and details were obscured.Cymbal taps and percussion details that I knew were there were hard to hear.
I thought this system could do much better.Last night I switched the Testement cable to the amplifier and the 10 awg to the BDP1.All of sudden I had my bass back and it seemed louder.Some of the detail returned but not fully.This morning I now swapped the 10 awg from the pre amp to the BDA1 and the other Testement to the pre amp.So 2 10 awg on the Bryston gear and the 2 Testement cables on pre and power amp.
There is no way to explain this but there is now a fullness and life like presentation that I knew this system was capable of.Every small detail is now clearly heard and separation of instruments so much better.Everthing is so much more balanced with the bass having impact without being over done and vocals and instruments have such an amazing fullness.
I guess the Bryston digital gear likes 10 awg cable.And my pre and power like the Testement cable.I will eventually get better 10 awg like the Harmonic Technology but will complete my change over from Kimber to Statement silver interconnects first.
I have JM LAB Electra 936 speakers and always knew that I wasn't hearing all that they could do but now all I can say is WOW.

 by Lewis S, Ontario, Canada
I am amazed!

Product: Testament C13 to C7 Power Cable Adapter (SKU AS_TPCF8AD)
Product: Silent Angel F1 Linear Power (SKU SA_F1)
Product: Silent Angel N8 Network Switch (SKU SA_N8)

I am amazed at the improvement of the N8 & F1 combo with a Testament power cable. Thank you for that.

 by Jahan B, Oregon, United States
Wonderful quality

Product: Testament Figure-8 (C7) Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCF8)

Just placed another order for a few more pieces. Very happy with the first order that arrived - look forward to them being burned in. The quality and fit/finish of your product is wonderful.

 by Brent B, Ontario, Canada
The system is really singing now!

Product: Testament Figure-8 (C7) Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCF8)
Product: Impact SX RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_IRCASX)
Product: Impact SX RCA to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPRRSX)
Product: Statement SE Silver RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASES)
Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)
Product: Statement Single-Wire Speaker Cables (SKU AS_SSW)

I hooked up the rest of the cables and wow is the system really singing now. Great cables worth the investment.
When funds permit I will get the Statement power cord for the amp.

 by Jay L, New York, United States
Great cable

Product: Testament Power Cable (SKU AS_TPC)

Great cable. I'm very happy with the power cable. It's exactly what I was looking for.

 by Paul O, Ontario, Canada
Blown away by Testament power cable

Product: Testament Power Cable (SKU AS_TPC)

I received the Testament power cables and I was blown away by the difference I heard right from the start. Amazing. My fiance said it sounded like a new system.....she couldn't believe the improvement. I am so pleased with the upgrade in sound from my Naim system for what is, in the reality of the Hi Fi world, a steal of a price.....and the sound got even better with a week of burn in time.

 by Jose P, Illinois, United States
Couldn't be happier

Product: Testament Figure-8 (C7) Power Cable (SKU AS_TPCF8)

I just received my order, and I couldn't be happier. The craftsmanship is stunning. Thank you.