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Statement Power Cables
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 15 reviews
 by Jim S, Pennsylvania, United States
The Statement Power Cable is fantastic

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

The Statement is fantastic. I can't believe how much it improved my entire system. Sonic signature is exactly as you described. It's in my amp and I love how it lowered the noise floor.

 by Bakhtiar S, Singapore
The Statement Power Cable provides a noticable positive difference

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

I hooked up the power cord to my power amp replacing the triode wire labs and there was/is noticeable difference especially more blacker background and better instruments vocal separation.
And it's not even run in yet, I just have over 2 hours of playing as of now.
I'm impressed.

 by David M, Ontario, Canada
Big improvement to my system

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)
Product: Statement SE Power Distribution (SKU AS_SPDSE)

Just wanted to let you know that your power products have made a big improvement to my system! The sound is cleaner, more detailed. Bass response is enhanced and treble is more pure. Love how firmly the male end of the power cord stays in my Furutech wall socket. No drooping like my older Furutech cable.
I will be adding more of your cables to my system down the road.

 by James W
Love the Statement Power Cable

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

Love the power cable I received. Build quality is on-par/exceeds the other one I have which costs 5X more MSRP (Audience AU24 SX). Also sonically it is a noticeable step-up compared with stock IEC cables that came with my Aurender. The only minor complaint is the strong smell/odor from the cable sleeve - very noticeable even from a few meters away and hope it will be gone in a few days.

 by Tom J, Wisconson, United States
The Statement SE Power Distribution surpasses the others

Product: Statement SE Power Distribution (SKU AS_SPDSE)

Your power strip surpasses all of the other 3 I have had in my system by a pretty large margin, I could use all the audiophile terminology but it betters in all aspects, yes I'm a happy customer.

 by Jean-Luc H, France
I'm using your cables exclusively

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

Just a few words to thank you. I'm using now exclusively your cables and listening sessions are better than never.

 by Paul U, Netherlands
Statement Power Cable: Big, bold, detailed

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

Statement PC just arrived safe and sound. And speaking of sound: big, bold and yet detailed just from the cold and no burning in yet. Makes my ARC LS 26 sound like a bigger pre. Can't wait to hear after 100 hours!

 by Dan M
Statement Power Cable brings a smile to my face

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

I do have a smile on my face. No question. Much better – depth and detail. And more low and high end. In fact, I think probably 20hz more low end …. I was able to take my subwoofer away … amazing.

 by Richard G, California, United States
I am now an AudioSensibility believer!

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

I had received my statement power cables and had some time to sit down and carefully listen to them over the weekend. I am happy to say that they are truly wonderful additions to my system and brought out so much more details & dynamic energy I never knew my system was capable of. I still couldn't believe my system can transformed so much by two power cords. I'm now an other Audio Sensibility believer.

 by Alain L, Quebec, Canada
The Statement Power Cable is the best cable I've ever had!

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

I wanted to tell you that the AS cables are excellent.
These are the best cables I've heard! Everything sounds right, the stamps are right and realistic.
Beautiful dynamics ... really magnificent.

 by Tom K, New York, United States
Statement Power Cable blows me away

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)
Yesterday on a whim I decided to switch one of you statement pcs from my music server to my tubed DAC. I was blown away by the improvement in dimensionality, inner detail and improved staging. Now keep in mind that the PC I previously had in that position was no slouch but the statement was clearly superior in every way. As it turns out in my system it is the DAC that seems to be most sensitive to changes in PCs. Intuition might say it should be the preamp but I have not sound that to be the case.

 by Simon G, Canada
Great Statement Power Cable!

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)
Here are my comments about your great Statement AC Cable
Better stereo image
Lyrics with more details and presence
More precision more background details
But the same occur in first listening, more accent on bass
But less accent on treble, higher frequency, (probably the breaking period)
More presence during the softer passage
Layers of music until the far background
Music is calm easier to listen
Richness of the music
Strings sound like strings, neat, smooth, mellow violins.
The harp is sparkling with delicate overtones
Luminous and distinct music

 by Simon G
The Statement Power Cord makes music more distinct

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

Here are my comments about my first Statement AC Cable on the PowerAmp: I hear more distincly the picolo flute in the orchestra, an all part of the orchestra are more distinctly heard too !

 by Lloyd S, Nova Scotia, Canada
Statement Power Cable enhances the music

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

Have been listening to the second power cord on the Oppo Nuforce. This cord ,makes the Oppo a better performer in every way imaginable. It's as if the notes are being full and competed and formed in more organic, natural manner. Sense of ease very enhanced along with truly potent bass...just lovely.

 by Matthew V, Canada
I love the Statement Power Cable!

Product: Statement Power Cable (SKU AS_SPC)

Just wanted to update you on how the statement power cable I purchased is performing no that it has had some time to burn in . LOVE IT!!
The sound seems to be so much more urgent and clean. Seperation has improved dramatically and will be ordering another in the near future for my Paradigm sevo 15.