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Statement Interconnects - Silver
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 10 reviews
 by Llyn M
Very happy with your cables

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)
Product: Impact SX Straight DIN to RCA Phono Cable (SKU AS_IPSDRSX)

I am Very Happy with your cables. I bought one older cable used on the internet and liked it so much I bought a couple more direct from you. They will remain in my system for quite a while.

 by Robert J.
A must have!
Associated Equipment: Mowright LS100, Modwright KWA100SE, Modwright PH9.0, Esoteric K03x, Rega P8

Product: Statement SE Silver RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASES)

I came across Audio Sensibility by accident and how glad I am that I did. I had been searching for an interconnect that used silver wire for I have found that I prefer silver wire with tubes. When I read about the construction of the AS interconnects I knew I had to try a pair. Shipping was extremely quick and even though I only had my Silver Statement ICs on my cable cooker for about 4-5 hours before trying them out, their performance is nothing short of amazing! I always come back to two words for these cables: "clarity" and "texture". I am hearing things in the upper registers that used to be just hinted at and now I hear them as the music intended. But the most amazing thing of all is the texture to the music; I feel the music! When a clarinet plays I feel the woodiness of the instrument, tympani rattle my bones, strings have the sharp attack that they can as well as the soft, sweet side. I played in orchestras in my youth and this is the first cable I have used (and I have had many) that makes me feel as if I am back on stage amongst all the performers.
As mentioned, I have used a lot of cables and some at four times the cost of the AS Statement and those were NOT performing at the level of the AS Statements. So go get a pair, now. And better yet, maybe two pair because you are going to want to experience the music the way these cables allow.

 by Jorge S, New York, United States
So satisfied with the new cables

Product: Statement SE Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_SXLRSES)

Just to let you know how satisfied I am with the new cables.
Indeed music flow naturally with a large soundstage, lots of detail and wonderful timbres.
I think I regret not having going directly to the Signature.

 by Kevin P, New York, United States
Audiosensibility Interconnects sound amazing

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)
Product: Statement SE Silver RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASES)

So this was my experience: I bought a Jolida power amp and had it connected to a preamp by a 3 meter cable bought from a reputable brand for $275. The amp sounded HORRIBLE. I was going to return it. I decided to try my Audiosensibility Statement copper 1 meter from DAC to amp direct. Problem Solved !! Now sounds amazing.
Almost exactly same thing when I bought my Cayin tube preamp. I had another company’s 1 meter interconnect (supposed to be OCC copper) from DAC to preamp. I was using my Audiosensibility Copper Statement interconnect from the preamp to the amp. Again, horrible congested and muted sound. Bass uncontrolled and woolly. I switched and used the Audiosensibility from DAC to preamp and problem solved !! I immediately ordered a Silver Statement interconnect for DAC to preamp. I will use my already purchased Copper Statement between the preamp and the amp.

 by Mike S, New Zealand
Sound quality of Statement SE RCA Interconnect and headphone cable is stunning

Product: Statement SE Silver RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASES)
Product: Statement Silver Headphone Cable (SKU AS_SHP-General)

A quick note to thank you for the Statement SE RCA interconnect and headphone leads for my HD800”s. I have been using them for a few weeks now and the sound quality is simply stunning. Very neutral and organic with a dark noise floor, crisp detail and very low bass. I’m very pleased with my purchase and the quality and service from Audio Sensibility.

 by Brian M, Ontario, Canada
Statement SE Silver Interconnects make a great connection to the preamp

Product: Statement SE Silver RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASES)

I have Classe electronics (CP-700 preamp, CA2200 amp, CDP-102 spinner), a Bluesound Node 2i streamer, and Spendor S8e speakers.
I just purchased the streamer and I was surprised how good it sounds with Spotify. Your Statement SE Silver interconnects make a great connection to the preamp.
I also have an LP-12 turntable which I'm looking forward to playing more often.
Thanks again for the cables.

 by Roy A, United Kingdom
Delighted with Statement SE Silver XLR Interconnects

Product: Statement SE Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_SXLRSES)

In March I ordered from you (Order #3355) two pairs of the above and I am delighted with their performance. I now have a requirement for an XLR stereo pair of 2.5metres in length and would like to know whether you are able to supply this. If so, would you please advise the price including shipping to the UK.

 by Joe C, Oregon, United States
I'll be ordering another pair of Statement SE OCC Silver Interconnects

Product: Statement SE Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_SXLRSES)

I like your Statement SE OCC Silver interconnects so much that I will be ordering another pair as soon as I sell my Cardas Clears.

 by Simon G, Canada
Your Statement SE RCA makes music come alive

Product: Statement SE RCA Interconnects (SKU AS_SRCASEC)

A week after installed in its place on Grado PH1 after 3 LPs, better separation best best stamp dinstinction instruments. After 12 vinyl that is the musical atmosphere that prevails in all its spaciousness, that is the instrument that speaks in the musical scope of all its splendor, it is no longer that sounds but felt the place and the interpreter.

 by John A, Ontario, Canada
Your Signature RCA Interconnects sound great

Product: Statement SE Silver XLR Interconnects (SKU AS_SXLRSES)

Just to let you know I was very pleasantly surprised by how good your cables sounded. I noticed right away not only a larger 3d sound but how much quieter the background. Comparing the two the Nordost had what I would describe as white noise.