Statement Interconnects – Silver

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Statement Interconnects - Silver
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 by Robert J.
A must have!
Products: Silver Statement SE
Associated Equipment: Mowright LS100, Modwright KWA100SE, Modwright PH9.0, Esoteric K03x, Rega P8

I came across Audio Sensibility by accident and how glad I am that I did. I had been searching for an interconnect that used silver wire for I have found that I prefer silver wire with tubes. When I read about the construction of the AS interconnects I knew I had to try a pair. Shipping was extremely quick and even though I only had my Silver Statement ICs on my cable cooker for about 4-5 hours before trying them out, their performance is nothing short of amazing! I always come back to two words for these cables: "clarity" and "texture". I am hearing things in the upper registers that used to be just hinted at and now I hear them as the music intended. But the most amazing thing of all is the texture to the music; I feel the music! When a clarinet plays I feel the woodiness of the instrument, tympani rattle my bones, strings have the sharp attack that they can as well as the soft, sweet side. I played in orchestras in my youth and this is the first cable I have used (and I have had many) that makes me feel as if I am back on stage amongst all the performers.

As mentioned, I have used a lot of cables and some at four times the cost of the AS Statement and those were NOT performing at the level of the AS Statements. So go get a pair, now. And better yet, maybe two pair because you are going to want to experience the music the way these cables allow.