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Signature Power Cables
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 by Roger K, Pennsylvania, United States
The Signature Power Cable is outstanding right out of the box

Product: Signature Power Cable V2 (SKU AS_XPC2)

I have my new signature PC v2 playing 24 hrs a day. It is outstanding in every way right out of the box! I am ordering another for my preamp this week.
Also a fan of the Schroeder method. Gonna order Schroeder Impact SE splitters to start for my current cables with an eventual upgrade to a double run of your signature silvers.

 by Alain D, Quebec, Canada
I love the signature power cable

Product: Signature V2 Power Cable (SKU AS_XPC2)

I love the Signature cords. Both devices in this system are solid-state and the combination was already very good before adding the Signatures. However, with the Signatures in the system, I can more clearly hear the woodiness or brassiness of instruments, to the point that reproduction of piano has become believable now (Keith Jarrett, Concert in Köln; I get it now); and I'm not particularly a fan of piano.

 by Steve L, Quebec, Canada
Signature Power Cable is superior!

Product: Signature Power Cable V2 (SKU AS_XPC2)

You did it again!

There is absolutely no comparison between the Sv2 and the Furu Alpha 3 with Rhodium end plugs.

As you said and I was expected, your cable is much superior.

It is clearer, livier, much more weight to the sound from top to bottom and off the chart for musicality. Even better details retrieval. Vocals are much more natural and textured. It is also vastly superior in dynamics. Bass is were the difference is the most significative. The Sv2 made the Alpha 3 sounds like if it's a stock power cord. I know the gold connectors of the Sv2 give it an advantage in the bass department but the difference is night and day. Noise floor is phenomenal as you said. .

I can now say that I'm totally cabled with AS TOTL cables (at least with my headphones system). That make me a credible ambassador to represent your products at the next Montreal show. I will keep my promise to stay around your booth for a couple of hours on friday and saturday. Will see for sunday.

Thanks again for a great product at a good price.

 by Simon G
The Signature Power Cable is unbelievable

Product: Signature Power Cable V2 (SKU AS_XPC2)

I am realy satisfy with the Signature V2, it is unbelievable!
What great technology and craftmanship, the cable looks good, as it sound wonderfull !
Thank you for your help, I realy appreciate, my music is so natural, delicate and precise !