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Impact Interconnects
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 by Carlos B, Ontario, Canada
Impact RCA Interconnects

Hey Steve , well u are the master of cables, I just read about PCOCC cables are much better conductor then my OFC cables. By the way, the interconnects I bought from u, compared to transparent , wow... What a difference. Transparent are sold. I'm keeping the ones from u. Thanks a lot .

Impact RCA Interconnects, Testament Single-Wire Speaker Cables, Statement Digital Cable
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I’m buying the whole kit-n’-kaboodle.

Paul Mah purchased the cables that he reviewed.

 by Gabe L, Quebec, Canada
Impact RCA Interconnects, Impact Power Cable

I am very pleased with my Impact rca and power cord, thank you. I saw the single-wire Testament speaker cables and am interested in ordering these as well.

 by Bob G, Ontario, Canada
Impact RCA Interconnects
Products: Croft Epoch Elite SS preamplifier, Modified Organ tube amplifier (6L6 tubes), Rega Saturn CD player, Thorens TD160 turntable, Rega RS7 loudspeakers.

Resolution, PRAT, spatial and very open. I'm hearing things i've never heard before, the human breathe in the vocals has never been so ascertainable. We had a period of adjustment - is there somebody at the door or is that the stereo... Its the degree of openness that impressed me. We A-B'd your standard IC against my old reference, the VdH 1st, and your cable is more open than the VdH.