Jelco Tonearms


We are the largest dealer of Jelco Tonearms in Canada. We stock the complete Jelco tonearm line with the Jelco SA-750 Series AND new TS-550, TK-850, and TK-950 Series.

Jelco Tonearms
Jelco Tonearms, in particular the 750 series punch well above their weight. Nothing under $1500.00 including the various Rega tonearms come close to the performance.

Doing cartridge setup with the SA-750, TK-850, and TK-950 Jelco tonearms is a breeze. Allen keys are supplied to allow independent adjustment of:

  • VTA
  • Azimuth
  • Tonearm Rest (both height and (clock) angle of tonearm at rest position)
  • Tracking Force
  • Anti-Skating