Statement SE Analog Interconnect Review in Wall of Sound

Tim Smith does an Statement SE Analog Interconnect review for Wall of Sound.

In the article Tim states:

Do yourself a favour and forego that $1,000 interconnect you thought you must buy to do justice to your fine and expensive components. Buy this interconnect instead and take a vacation or save your money. I know a dealer and distributor who is convinced that basic Kimber PBJ is all one needs, even in a $50k system he recommends. Well, this Audio Sensibility cable is much better than the Kimber PBJ that I have been enjoying for many years (and will continue to enjoy). The Audio Sensibility Statement SE interconnect is handcrafted by Canadian workers paid rich world wages. It is also a world-class product that would not be out of place in a six-figured setup. Buy it and use it for the rest of your life.