SSI Montreal 2015 – Show Report

The Montreal Audio Show (SSI) 2015 show was an incredible success! Here is some coverage of the show.

We always bring original (no-reissues) vinyl to our shows. This year we brought over 500 classical titles from RCA Living Stereo, EMI, Lyrita, Mercury Living Presence, London, etc. We got very good feedback on the quality of the vinyl from customers who played the titles on the various analog systems at the show.

We always look forward to meeting our friends in the Audio Press to give them an update on our new products.

Tim Smith and Glen Wagenknecht of 6moons.

Rick Becker of EnjoyTheMusic with his friend Mark.

George Pappas from Dagogo.

Our display was located right beside the exhibit room showcasing The Worlds Best Canadian Audio System. The system consisted of a pair of Kronos turntables providing the music for a Tenor Audio Phono Preamplifier / Preamplifier / Amplifier electronics suite and feeding a pair of Muraudio electrostatic loudspeakers.

We are friends with some of the Kronos and Tenor Audio people and had time to hang out at the show.

Louis Desjardins is the designer of the incredible Kronos turntables. Louis owns a set of our Signature interconnects. He has also recommended Signature phono cables to some of his customers.

Jim Fairhead is the president of Tenor Audio. Martin Labrecque is his business partner and Francois Lemay has also been involved with Tenor Audio. Martin and Francois use Audio Sensibility Signature cables in their personal systems and have been great supporters in Quebec.

Show Reports

EnjoyTheMusic show report by Rick Becker.

6moons show report by Glen Wagenknecht.

6moons show report by Tim Smith.