AS Cryogenic Treatment Facility

Here are some pictures we took during our last delivery of materials for cryogenic treatment.

All of our wire and connectors are cryogenically treated, either by the manufacturer in the case of Furutech, or at our local cryogenic facility.

In a nutshell, “Cryogenic treatment improves the clarity, dynamics, and low level detail retrieval of the music by modifying the molecular structure of metals”.

Many of our competitors claim to use cryogenic treatment, but we thought it would be interesting for our customers to see the actual cryogenic treatment facility that we use.

We have been working with the same cryogenic treatment facility for the last five years with great success. Because of our large volume of business, we typically have enough material to run dedicated batches, so we typically don’t need to share space in the unit with dirty industrial parts.

The computer controlled vapor cryogenic process that we use involves an 8 hour rampdown from ambient temperature to -310°F, “soak” or hold at -310°F for 10 hours, and a rampup to ambient temperature of at least 24 hours.

A complete description of cryogenic treatment can be found here.

Cryogenic Treatment Services

If you are interested in cryogenic treatment for any of your
existing cables and audio accessories feel free to contact
us. We will include you in our cryo-treatment mailing list
and you will get a notification at least 3-4 business days
before each planned shipment. Turn around time for
processing is between 6 to 10 business days.


Weight (lb) Charge per lb
1-5 $15.00
6-19 $12.00
20+ $10.00

Note:Due to the just-in-time nature
of our shipments, the service is limited to customers living
in the Greater Toronto area.